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Jung & the Postmodern
Hauke, Christopher
Paperback, 1. Baskı, 304 Sayfa
Yayınevi : Routledge
Yayın Tarihi : 2000
ISBN : 9780415163866
Fiyat : 76.14 TL /  20.99 GBP
Stokta Yok

   What has Jung to do with the postmodern? This book puts the case that Jung's psychology constitutes a critique of modernity that brings it in line with many aspects of the postmodern critique of contemporary culture. The metaphor he uses is one in which 'we are gazing through a Jungian transparency or filter being held up against the postmodern while, from the other side, we are also able to look through a transparency or filter of the postmodern to gaze at Jung. From either direction there will be a new and surprising vision.'Setting Jung against a range of postmodern thinkers, the book recontextualizes Jung's thought as a reponse to modernity, placing it - sometimes in parallel and som...

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